Chapter Look Back: Chapter 10

An adventurous comic book series about a teenage girl and her time traveling cell phone.

Chapter 10 was designed as a “donut break” as the title of the chapter implies. While the Western arch was designed to give readers a taste of what the adventures what Kalwa’s adventures would be like, this chapter was meant to fill in some much needed explanations, namely on how the phone works. One such question that had been asked very early on was language and how Kalwa is able to communicate with people she’s traveled with. Little did readers know that this question had an answer from the very beginning of writing, and we were just waiting for the right moment to answer it.

Other elements worth noting in this chapter is the locations and layouts. Kalwa’s house is actually based off the townhouse that one of my high school friends stayed in (albeit many differences). I almost feel very limited in this regard as I have not stepped…

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A quick little project just to lift some spirits, just remember everyone, if we just hold strong, we too will be able to go out into the sun and enjoy ourselves again just like she is. Just stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your head strong. There will be happiness again one day, you’ll see.

New Amber Page

Welcome back everyone, hope everyone is holding up with all that’s going on out there. Well we at Green Raptor Studios are here to perk you up because we got a brand new page of Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief all set up on the official comic page. Click the thumbnail below and see what’s going on next.

Cy-Renity Armed

An old character I first drew way back in 2017, I decided to revisit her again in attempt to fill my portfolio with more original characters and new illustrations. This time I gave her a bit more of a defined look with some new abs, and a couple of new limbs. I didn’t illustrate in the last drawing, but her limbs actually collapse to reveal her weapons, also as an added note, she can interchange different weapons on her limbs.

Amber Update!!!

Hello to everyone, I hope you are all safe and doing well in the current state our world is in. Well wether you’re chilling at home or peacefully working, lets brighten your day today with some mermaid heist action, because a new page of Amber is now up and available to read right now. Click the thumbnail below to read the comic right now.

Sonic Zoom

So after working on Shadow and Metal Sonic, we finally have the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. When making this piece, there was a lot of inspiration from the character’s past. First of all, the general look of the piece was inspired by Archie Sonic issue 3 in which Sonic and Tails had “zoomed” off the comic and then back on claiming that their comic was the one to buy. Also while working on this I added a blue hue to the piece which was inspired by the classic art of the Genesis which has always tried to look “futuristic” and “advanced. And of course, the general design with shades is inspired by Steve Butler from the original Archie comics (around the early post 100th issue) as are all the Sonic drawings that I do here. Anyway, hope everyone likes it.

Sonic Coming Soon

So I know it’s been a little quite as of late on all my social media. To vent myself a little, I’ve been busy coming to terms with this new reality we are living in with this virus going around, and I myself am quite worried not necessarily for my sake but for my loved ones and my “other job.” So I have been having trouble getting myself drawing again. Anyway, here is a little WIP update on an upcoming piece that’ll be going up soon.