School Uniform Senku and Kohaku

Just a small little fan project featuring Senku and Kohaku from Dr. Stone. The idea came when I looked at the Kohaku figure on my bed table last week and just wondered what she would look like in a japanese school uniform. But of course if I did Kohaku I had to do Senku too. So here we are.

Haruko Haruhara Mermaid

An old idea that I offered in poll two Mer-May’s ago, though she ultimately lost to Maka Albarn. Sill I did have the idea in my head so I decided to do it this year as a belated Mer-May project.

Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief COMPLETE!!!!

It’s finally done everyone, after two years of off and on again work, Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief has officially concluded. This fifty page one shot is at last complete. I never thought we would reach this point, but it’s finally here. I was actually so surprised at how many views this comic drew the site, I really didn’t expect it to take off like it did, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has read it and has showed love for our own little mermaid thief. So thank you all for reading and sticking by us on this long journey.

As usual, click the thumbnail below to read the final page and be sure to continue on, we got a special color pinup for you all at the end.

Amber Page 49

We’re nearly there everyone after all this time. There is just one more page left of this comic, which will be coming up next week. The journey is almost over everyone after nearly two years. In the meantime, click the thumbnail below and read the latest page.

Kalwa Chapter 23 COMPLETE!!!!

We’ve reached another milestone over on the sister website with the completion of Kalwa chapter 23, which is the first chapter in the Japanese arch. And to conclude this first chapter we got a special colorful pinup for your viewing pleasure. Now that this chapter is finished, I’ll be spending the next couple of days finishing up Amber and of course get a least a couple of Mer-May drawings up before the month ends. So for right now, click the thumbnail below to read our new completed chapter of Kalwa.

Amber Page 48

Thanks everyone for your patience, and it’s paying off right now. We got a brand new page of Amber up right now, only two more pages left till this one shot is officially complete. As usual click the thumbnail to see the finished page.

Thomas Character Art

Artwork of Thomas who is a young detective from my comic Kalwa, he initially debuted in the Whitechappel arch as a detective hired by the police to catch the infamous Jack the Ripper. Throughout the story he and Kalwa both work on their own investigations of the Ripper, but they do meet up in the end.

More information on this character can be found over on our sister site, Kalwa Webcomic, starting in CHAPTER 16!