Closing in on the end!

We are rounding into the final end of Amber’s long going one shot which I do admit has been going on just a little too long past the date I intended to finish it. But we are moving now and closing in on the end as we are now bringing this major heist to a close. And to keep your spirits all high, here’s a preview of the next page which should be coming out in the next few days!

Waterfall Meditation

I’ve been trying to get my old characters back out there with new drawings and I’ve realized that I haven’t drawn these three in quite some time. So they are back now enjoying some quiet mediation time under the waterfalls.

Amber Page 40

And now we reveal the start of the FINAL plot twist as we are now officially within the final 10 pages of this one shot and in case the thumbnail isn’t obvious, this one REALLY hurts these two men where it hurts. Check out the start of this twisted heist right now by clicking the thumbnail below.

Power Swimming Amber

It’s been a long time since I did a color image of Amber, mostly all the work with her has been in the comic pages. I admit that I kinda lost a bit of an urge to draw her because of all the work on the comic and I’m gonna admit that I made a mistake with the way I structured her story.

While I’m very happy by the positive response of Amber operating from a wheelchair, I feel I honestly have too many scenes in the comic of her confined to a wheelchair. The real fun of drawing a mermaid is having them swim in the ocean and playing with the flow of the body and motion. Simply drawing a mermaid being confined to a wheelchair as well as having to draw all the details of the wheelchair is not all the fun, especially when it goes on for twenty plus pages. So this drawing here is kinda the result of pent up aggression of not being able to draw a mermaid being free in the ocean for so long, and it really feels great to break free.

Amber Update

Greeting citizens of the planet Earth, hope everyone is still breathing after this rather stressful election week. Well as a little reward for pulling though it, we got a new Amber page up on the website, and in case the thumbnail isn’t obvious, Amber’s in over her head a bit. Click the thumbnail below and read the next entry in this one shot story to see whats going on.


Waiting for season 2 of Dr. Stone is not easy, especially since Toonami is looking to have a very “eh” rest of the year. So as we all wait patiently for one of the best animes of the last year to start up again, here’s a little art from a fan that’s been coming all year since working on the two Kohaku drawings.

New Amber Page is up NOW!!!!

Your ears do not lie, we’ve got a brand new page of Amber up RIGHT NOW, and this one you might not want to miss. For the first time during this entire heist, something goes PRETTY WRONG. Check out what happens by clicking the thumbnail below!!!

Vampire Shimmer

Special illustration for Halloween this year, Sunset Shimmer dresses up as a vampire queen. The lighting and coloring was heavily inspired by the Hex Girls performance from Scooby-Doo and Witches Ghost!