Cy-Renity Under Fire

I know it’s real late here in America, but I had a late shift and didn’t want to rush the job on this. Anyway, enjoy Green Raptor’s very own cybernetic gun chick Cy-Renity enjoying herself in the thrill of battle!

Re-Post: Kohaku Charges

A repost of the latest fan art of Kohaku from Dr. Stone. I did this after reviving a criticism about the size of my faces and size of heads, I really noticed it on the old art I did of this character. So I decided to do another piece of the character to make amends.

Kalwa Chapter 22 Page 23!

Chapter 22 has been a real game changer for the overall story, throughout this chapter we’ve learned why A-Tech has created these time traveling phones and that there is a personal war between A-Tech and this new group of individuals. But the changers keep piling as Kalwa is now gaining a new traveling companion, her own brother whom she just recently got back from the hospital. Check it all out right now by clicking the thumbnail down below.

Image Re-Post: Love Under the Sea

Just a repost if this lovely image of Tai and Twilight Sparkle as mer-lovers. I had done an older version of this for Met-May nearly two years ago and thought the original was gorgeous with its body language, but largely outdated on my skill set, so I wanted to re-draw it with my more enhanced skills in late 2019.

Tai and Twi: Love Under the Sea

From the sketchbook: Kalwa and Zack

Just a few sketches from the sketchbook, these are some random sketches of Kalwa and Zack. I believe the Kalwa drawing was done shortly after the change in style of the eyes, it was also to practice some gestures with her. This was also done when she would have three bangs on the left side of her head, a style that has since been abandoned. Now days she’s drawn with two bangs on each side of her head regardless of which side you see.

Zack was drawn shortly before his major role in chapter 14 of the comic, mostly practicing his facial expressions. This sketch was actually the debut of his current hairstyle which was actually based off the hair of my character Tai Bantly (often drawn with Twilight Sparkle). Initially Zack simply had spiky hair that went straight up, but it was changed to a more hedge look for chapter 14 and has remained that way since. Sometimes when drawing him it gets hard to get the length of the hairs consistent.

Sonic and Shadow back at Gotham!

So I was just in yesterday at Gotham City Comics picking up an order and I discovered that Sonic and Shadow prints had sold out, much to my excitement. So I just gave them another batch yesterday! If you’re all looking to purchase these prints and happen to live in the Phoenix area, they are available now at Gotham City comics for $10 each. And be sure to check out Gotham themselves, they are an awesome store!

Gotham City Comics, 46 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201