Comic Series


Genre: Sci-Fi/ Adventure

Type of Comic: Ongoing Series

Status: Ongoing

Green Raptor’s first original comic book series, first started back in the 2014.

Kalwa is an epic and thrilling adventure series about a teenage girl and her time traveling cellphone. Each story arch focuses on a different era, all while contributing to an over arching storyline. This is a fantastic comic for anyone whose a fan of time travel or just adventure in general.

Amber World’s GReatest Mer-Thief

Genre: Fantasy/Heist/ Parody

Type of Comic: One Shot

Status: Complete

Amber is a most unusual mermaid who is considered the world’s greatest “mer-thief.” With an entire ocean at her finger tips and the perfect skills for the job, there is no treasure she can’t obtain, in sea or on land.

This is a perfect comic for mermaid lovers or anyone who loves a good heist.

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