Self Portrait

Green Raptor Studios is an online publishing studio started in 2015 by multi-media artist (and all around dinosaur lover) Peter Ahola.  He started drawing at an early age and not stopped since.  Throughout his youth, Peter was always interested in comics and cartoons, which led him to making his own comics and animation from middle school throughout college.  After graduating from George Mason University with BA in art and Visual Technology, Peter officially started publishing under the name Green Raptor Studios with the debut of the webcomic Kalwa, of which he currently writes with his long time high school friend Ryan Greene.  Outside of Kalwa, Peter has created other original characters of which he often tells stories about through his work.  Currently he is continuing his work on Kalwa while also working on one shots for his other characters.

Tools:  Wacom, Imac, Manga Studios EX 5, laptop with microsoft word

Hobbies:  Toy collecting, video games, watching cartoons, reading comics

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Kalwa Simonen


The protagonist of the webcomic Kalwa.  A spunky teenage girl who lives in Turku, Finland.  With a love of adventure, and a time traveling cellphone, she embarks on a series of adventures through time, collecting souvenirs and having fun.  But while her adventures may seem like all fun and games, she remains unaware of the danger that comes with owning this new phone, as well as the mysterious organization behind its origin.

For more info, check out Kalwa Webcomic Site!!!

Amber the Mermaid


Amber might appear cute, but in reality she’s a devious mermaid who relishes in the thrill of stealing rare and expensive items (particularly jewelry) from under the noses of unsuspecting teens and adults (male or female).  A master of seduction, pickpocketing and long term planning, Amber has rightfully earned herself the title of “World’s Greatest Mer-Thief.”



Once the most popular (and spoiled) teen at Scottsdale High, Brit Ashely was abducted and spliced together with an array of reptile species.  Now armed with incredible powers (and a thirst for vengeance), she prowls the streets of Scottsdale Arizona, searching for the people who destroyed the life she once had.  With the help of the police chief’s daughter, Maria, she becomes Arizona’s reluctant costumed hero, Reptileena.

Magical Ninja Girls


Aria, Miranda and Tammy were once three ordinary girls, until they stumbled across the injured warrior, Arwen, who had come from another world. Bestowing them with three magical jewels that unlock the hidden magic deep within, Arwen trains these girls to harness their power in unison with the ancient art of ninjutsu. Using these combined abilities, these three girls defend their world from outside threats that may lure their evil head.



Adam Altren was once a regular high school student who ran his own in house repair business, until he discovered that his best customer was actually Los Angeles’s greatest crime boss. After losing his body in a street gang crossfire, his subconscious was transferred to cyber space, resulting in him become a ghost made of pure data.   Unable to leave the confines of cyber space, Adam now battles crime from inside the computer, his enemies only know him as the mysterious “computer hacker” Cyber-Specter.