All Prices are negotiable and Green Raptor reserves the right to refuse any commissions not deemed appropriate, payments must all be made through PayPal.  A 50% deposit is required upfront.

For questions and/or commissions, please contact us via email at

What we WILL do:

  • original characters
  • anime, superhero and monster artwork
  • fanart
  • swimsuits, hot springs and baths (as long as no private parts are revealed)
  • Romance
  • horror and dark
  • mystical creatures such as centaurs, mermaids and dragons
  • comic book pages (would have to be negotiated on price)

What we WON’T DO:

  • anything that has to do with real life politics or religion (fictional however is okay)
  • sex, hentai, porn or nudity (partial nudity is okay as long as no privates are seen)
  • gore and mature violence (can be negotiated)