Miser Brothers

Just for Christmas, the Miser Brothers from A Year Without a Santa Clause. This is kinda a small little experiment I’ve started of making stop motion puppets into real organic looking manga styled characters. I did a similar project earlier with Bitch Puddin’ from Robot Chicken. These two I’ve actually been experimenting in the sketchbook with, trying to translate their parts to manga style, so here’s the result of several experiments just in time for Christmas.

Wedding Dress Kohaku

This is kinda an updated remake of a piece I did exactly one year ago today. So personally, Kohaku is my anime sweetheart, she’s so cute and at same time a warrior girl whose good with blades. So last year while sleeping I had a dream where Kohaku was wearing a wedding dress. Immediately I had to draw her, but over time I feel the original drawing wasn’t as good as I could’ve done. I’ve actually recently started practicing drawing familiar anime characters in their original art styles. One to get rid of the butterflies in my stomach when I draw them and two, to learn new techniques to better my own style. So here’s a full body remake of Kohaku wearing the dress, using some of the new techniques I’ve learned from practice. Finally got her eyes right, after learning to let go.

Batman 1989 Scarecrow

Another late upload from October, and this is another fan design similar to the Headless Horseman I uploaded before. So those who know me personally know that the 1989 Batman film is my favorite Superhero movie, for that matter it’s really a fandom in itself rather than being affiliated with my fandom with Batman.

Well, I should also note that the Scarecrow is my favorite Batman villain as well as my favorite DC villain. I’ve got somewhat of an obsession with with the character, I love his concept and design (usually). So this idea came to mind after I got a wired cape for my SH Figurearts Batman figure earlier this year, thus making it the 1989 figure I always wanted. In my excitement my imagination started to soar especially after learning about the new 89 comic book which brings classic villains into the Tim Burton universe of Batman. So, I came up with the idea to come up with design for the Scarecrow.

He actually came out much different than what I had originally envisioned, as I had intended to mostly stick with the classic design with some straw hair. But I tried out some concepts such as a trench coat and a kinda torn cape which was inspired by Tim Sale’s design of the character. When designing him, I wanted to make something that fit Tim Burton’s signature style, something that could be seen as scary but at the same time quirky. The red’s were actually inspired by the animated series action figure of the character, which was the very thing that made me such a fan of the character. A number of the other aspects came from other drawings of the character such as his design in the one shot issue, Mistress of Fear.

Winry Rockbell

I’m a little short on ideas of what to draw at the moment, we are getting ready for the next chapter of Kalwa and I’ve been really working on the next script. So not too much to draw other than the the next cover. So in the struggle I just decided to draw my former Hight School crush, Winry Rockbell. Yes this was the anime girl I was crushing on before Kohaku from Dr. Stone entered my life. Back in high school I didn’t actually draw as much, I was actually more into photo manipulation and didn’t really do much original stuff for a while. So here I am years later finally drawing her in my own style developed over years of work. So i hope everyone enjoys,

Headless Horseman

I’m so upset with myself for not updating this site more frequently. I’ve been so busy updating the Kalwa site and doing other work over there and I’ve virtually forgotten to post updates to this site. There actually was a bit of stuff posted to some of my other social media outlets this past month for Halloween. So there’s a bit of catch up to do.

So I’m uploading a piece from Halloween, the Headless Horseman. I’ve wanted to draw the character for years but never got around to it. As a full disclaimer this is kinda self design Headless Horseman, I wanted him to look very demonic and un-natural, hence why the horse might look a little… out of the ordinary. Also as the Horseman is a dead ghost, he essentially wears his injuries with pride, I’ve always had a thing for villains like that. Anyway, enjoy possibly the most gruesome art I’ve done to date.

Kohaku Ramen

Right off the coattails of Makoto Shishio, comes Kohaku from Dr. Stone a frequent subject of mine. Truth be told I have a little woman worship for her and always feel that when I see someone elses art of her I feel inferior. So this time, I just went for cute, making her look as cute as possible eating some Ramen.

Makoto Shishio

A new illustration of Makoto Shishio from Ruroni Kenshin, one of my favorite anime villains of all time. I did an image of this character last year, but I felt the shading came out a little too dark on that one and it washed out the fine inking details, so I wanted to make amends in this new illustration of the character. Hope everyone enjoys it.

School Uniform Senku and Kohaku

Just a small little fan project featuring Senku and Kohaku from Dr. Stone. The idea came when I looked at the Kohaku figure on my bed table last week and just wondered what she would look like in a japanese school uniform. But of course if I did Kohaku I had to do Senku too. So here we are.

Haruko Haruhara Mermaid

An old idea that I offered in poll two Mer-May’s ago, though she ultimately lost to Maka Albarn. Sill I did have the idea in my head so I decided to do it this year as a belated Mer-May project.