Mermaid Mary Jane

This was a project I did last month. It was Mer-May and I wanted to do more Marvel work for the fan portfolio. I took a lot of notes from John Romita Sr’s artwork for this piece, in fact this entire picture is complete reference to the very panel that she debuted in, with the similar dialogue and even the impact effect. Hope you all enjoy this really cute Marvel Mermaid.

New Spider-Gwen Piece coming soon!

It’s been a long time since I drew Spider-Gwen and I’m looking to expand my fan work portfolio with some more Marvel work. For this piece I decided to try something a bit different. Everytime I draw Gwen I’m always faced with the difficult choice of whether to do her with the mask or without, as I really like drawing both. This time I decided to do something combining the two to look like an epic comic cover. I seriously don’t know if anyone has ever done this before… meet EDGY Spider-Gwen.

Coiled Izzy

So after I drew Izzy from Total Drama several weeks ago, somebody wanted me to draw her coiled by a snake, I actually really got into this piece given that it is totally in her character to enjoy the company of snakes.

Chapter Look Back: Chapter 10

An adventurous comic book series about a teenage girl and her time traveling cell phone.

Chapter 10 was designed as a “donut break” as the title of the chapter implies. While the Western arch was designed to give readers a taste of what the adventures what Kalwa’s adventures would be like, this chapter was meant to fill in some much needed explanations, namely on how the phone works. One such question that had been asked very early on was language and how Kalwa is able to communicate with people she’s traveled with. Little did readers know that this question had an answer from the very beginning of writing, and we were just waiting for the right moment to answer it.

Other elements worth noting in this chapter is the locations and layouts. Kalwa’s house is actually based off the townhouse that one of my high school friends stayed in (albeit many differences). I almost feel very limited in this regard as I have not stepped…

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A quick little project just to lift some spirits, just remember everyone, if we just hold strong, we too will be able to go out into the sun and enjoy ourselves again just like she is. Just stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your head strong. There will be happiness again one day, you’ll see.

New Amber Page

Welcome back everyone, hope everyone is holding up with all that’s going on out there. Well we at Green Raptor Studios are here to perk you up because we got a brand new page of Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief all set up on the official comic page. Click the thumbnail below and see what’s going on next.

Cy-Renity Armed

An old character I first drew way back in 2017, I decided to revisit her again in attempt to fill my portfolio with more original characters and new illustrations. This time I gave her a bit more of a defined look with some new abs, and a couple of new limbs. I didn’t illustrate in the last drawing, but her limbs actually collapse to reveal her weapons, also as an added note, she can interchange different weapons on her limbs.