Batman 1989 Scarecrow

Another late upload from October, and this is another fan design similar to the Headless Horseman I uploaded before. So those who know me personally know that the 1989 Batman film is my favorite Superhero movie, for that matter it’s really a fandom in itself rather than being affiliated with my fandom with Batman.

Well, I should also note that the Scarecrow is my favorite Batman villain as well as my favorite DC villain. I’ve got somewhat of an obsession with with the character, I love his concept and design (usually). So this idea came to mind after I got a wired cape for my SH Figurearts Batman figure earlier this year, thus making it the 1989 figure I always wanted. In my excitement my imagination started to soar especially after learning about the new 89 comic book which brings classic villains into the Tim Burton universe of Batman. So, I came up with the idea to come up with design for the Scarecrow.

He actually came out much different than what I had originally envisioned, as I had intended to mostly stick with the classic design with some straw hair. But I tried out some concepts such as a trench coat and a kinda torn cape which was inspired by Tim Sale’s design of the character. When designing him, I wanted to make something that fit Tim Burton’s signature style, something that could be seen as scary but at the same time quirky. The red’s were actually inspired by the animated series action figure of the character, which was the very thing that made me such a fan of the character. A number of the other aspects came from other drawings of the character such as his design in the one shot issue, Mistress of Fear.

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