Headless Horseman

I’m so upset with myself for not updating this site more frequently. I’ve been so busy updating the Kalwa site and doing other work over there and I’ve virtually forgotten to post updates to this site. There actually was a bit of stuff posted to some of my other social media outlets this past month for Halloween. So there’s a bit of catch up to do.

So I’m uploading a piece from Halloween, the Headless Horseman. I’ve wanted to draw the character for years but never got around to it. As a full disclaimer this is kinda self design Headless Horseman, I wanted him to look very demonic and un-natural, hence why the horse might look a little… out of the ordinary. Also as the Horseman is a dead ghost, he essentially wears his injuries with pride, I’ve always had a thing for villains like that. Anyway, enjoy possibly the most gruesome art I’ve done to date.

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