Dee Dee

I’ve been watching Ballmasterz 9000 a lot recently ever since they put it on Toonami due to Covid-19 making it hard to dub new anime episodes. I usually intend to turn away, yet I start watching just a little and then I’m hooked. One particular character that captures my attention is Dee Dee who is the bipolar member of cast. She is usually animated with beautiful and cute eyes, but quickly turns to eccentric and rather demonic appearances when thrown into fits of rage (which is very often). She’s really a wonder to watch because her animation is gorgeous half the time and hilarious the other half. So I wound up drawing her during some down time.

Ironically Ballmasterz actually uses a number of techniques I use in my own artwork, like crosshatching shading to indicate shadows, sometimes even to just shade. So actually when I was drawing this I kinda felt at home, and oftentimes I try to go back and make sure my crosshatch doesn’t look too obvious and sloppy, but here I felt it was welcome and helped to be simulate the look and feel of the show.

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