Swishy Concept Art

So yes, don’t get creeped out. So this is the concept art of Swishy, Amber’s fish assistant and best pal in the sea. Swishy was initially created for the comic when the idea of Amber having an entire army of fish at her disposal came to be, she needed somebody she could rally commands to and talk personally. Swishy is a Barrel Eyed Fish, which I chose as it was the most obscure fish I could find. In reality Barrel Eyed Fish actually have small tiny eyes that are a great distance away from each other that can be seen on top of their glowing face. This was worked into the initial design, and their were attempts to even give the character eye color, however many of the designs came off as looking rather creepy as you’ll probably see below. I finally decided to just give the character black pupils as opposed to trying to color his eyes. He actually kinda looks like the little dolphin from the anime version of the little mermaid.

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