Kevin Eastman at Fan Fusion

So this weekend I attended my first convention since moving to AZ, and after waiting in line for over an hour, I got a signing (and selfie) with one of my comic book heroes, Kevin Eastman, one of the two creators of the Ninja Turtles. I’ve read for many years about how he along with Peter Laird created the turtles, about how the two of them lived together in apartment and used what little money they had at the time to self publish the first Ninja Turtle issue and sell it at a convention. Their entire story has been a major inspiration to me as an artist who is just starting out and whenever I’m feeling down or unmotivated, I always open a copy of the first ninja turtles comic to remind myself that ANYONE can make it in this industry. Here he is in this picture signing my 1st vol of the Ninja Turtles ultimate collection, he also signed the Free Comic Book Day copy of the 1st ninja turtles issue I got years ago and keep at my desk. So happy I got to meet him.

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