The Owl House in Action

I finally finished it all. So I started this series last year but got WAY OFF from finishing. Online I’ve kinda become an Owl House artist on other sites, in fact a facebook group kinda gave me a lot of exposure as an artist. When drawing the Owl House (or anything) my goal is to ultimately leave a mark on what I’m drawing. I can to add my own unique touch to everything I do so people will know that I did that and it doesn’t look like just anyone else drew it.

This series here was meant to add a more action/ anime like touch to the Owl House characters, portraying the characters in a more dynamic like fashion. Luz, Amity and Hunter were completed last year I think, but then I got off task and did other projects and other Owl House drawings. I just recently finished Vee, Willow and Gus since the rest of the month will probably be spent packing for a big move and I wanted this series finished before the series finale in early April. So here’s the WHOLE series of characters all on full display!!!!


First time in a long time since I’ve drawn a Star Wars character. I’ve been wanting to draw dear old Din Djarin aka the Mandalorian for a long time as I hold the show very close to my heart since it was the really the only thing that got me out of bed in 2020. Plus since there’s a new season coming up soon I figured now would be the time. These types of characters are really challenging for me with armor pads on the body. It requires fitting the anatomy with the metal parts which can really get hard. Remember, season 3 is in next month.

Kalwa chapter 27 Begins today!

It’s been a really long break between Kalwa chapters. The last chapter (chapter 26) wrapped up in late September of last year and the comic kinda went quiet since then. The reason for this long break is I’ve been busy in other sections of my life, of course I was celebrating the holidays but I also took a long break to better spread my name as an artist with other drawings. I was also learning to better enhance my style, learning to blend the manga style I’ve drawn with the heavy shading of the more western style from American comics I’ve also practiced. It’s been a long journey to where I am.

But now all is said and done, and Chapter 27 is officially starting up TODAY over on the Kalwa website. This time I’ve actually prepared some pages in advance, which was another reason for the delay. This way I’ll be able to upload pages while also being able to work on other projects and sections of life. It will also hopefully help to provide high quality pages by allowing me time to breathe and double check my work instead of being pressured by the release schedule.

So all that said, link to the comic is down below. The first two pages are up right now along with the cover, page three will be up on Wednesday. So click that link and check out what we got for you now!

To 2023

Here’s to another year complete, and what a year it was with new art, more exposure and more fun. Here’s to another year complete and new things coming along next year. To 2023!!!!!

Cthulu Rises

Artwork of HP Lovecraft’s most famous creature, the ancient god of the old world Cthulu. This had been in my sketchbook since I drew HP Lovecraft himself (posted earlier this month), but I felt the sketch needed some work before becoming a full on drawing, so it took a little while longer to do. I actually just read the Call of Cthulu book a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the story and Lovecraft’s writing style, which helped with the drive needed to finish this.

I kinda wanted to go for the whole monster in the mist feeling, keeping giant Cthulu mostly in shadow against the bad storm, giving off the perspective of what those sailors on board are seeing. A giant mysterious creature that only spells their impending doom.

Anyway, hope you all like my lastest “masterpiece.”

Kohaku Date Night

Just a fun drawing of my animation crush Kohaku from Dr. Stone. I just can’t help but keep drawing her, she’s just so cute, adorable and real deva. I seriously hope to one day meet my “real life” Kohaku, someone as pretty and awesome as she is that will make me the happiest man in the world.

She’s actually drawn here on my real life porch, so there’s a bit of self insertion right here I might add. Hope everyone likes it.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone, another year has come for treats, scares and fun. So as many of you should know, over here at Green Raptor Studios we LOVE Halloween. Every year we sharpen our pencils (digital pad really) and draw as many monster, horror and other fun stuff as we can. And of course there is always the finale, which in recent years is Kalwa related. This year we are bringing in a number of faces that we have met recently, mainly Kalwa’s dojo friends Izuha and Suzume. Kalwa’s already appeared in this outfit before as the Witch of Time, but now you get to see her friends join her for the witching hour, and of course the boys get to play the minions. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL, and join us next year for more Halloween fun.