New Amber Page is up NOW!!!!

Your ears do not lie, we’ve got a brand new page of Amber up RIGHT NOW, and this one you might not want to miss. For the first time during this entire heist, something goes PRETTY WRONG. Check out what happens by clicking the thumbnail below!!!

Vampire Shimmer

Special illustration for Halloween this year, Sunset Shimmer dresses up as a vampire queen. The lighting and coloring was heavily inspired by the Hex Girls performance from Scooby-Doo and Witches Ghost!

Big Head

This is a project I’ve had on the back rack for years but only just got around to it recently. Many of you may recognize this character as the Mask, made famous by the Jim Carrey movie from the 90’s. However this particular drawing is inspired by the original comics published by Dark Horse which are a much darker and somewhat more tragic story. The character in those comics was referred to as Big Head, and he didn’t necessarily have only one alter ego, rather the mask itself would fall to numerous people. Mainly it would come to people who were down on their luck and had built up repressed rage at the world around them. The mask would provide them immortality and god like cartoon powers which they would then use to unleash their rage at the world around them. It was a fantastically dark and violent tale about taking a joke too far which is why it’s one of my favorite graphic novels of all time, and I also have the sequels as well.

Cy-Renity Under Fire

I know it’s real late here in America, but I had a late shift and didn’t want to rush the job on this. Anyway, enjoy Green Raptor’s very own cybernetic gun chick Cy-Renity enjoying herself in the thrill of battle!

Re-Post: Kohaku Charges

A repost of the latest fan art of Kohaku from Dr. Stone. I did this after reviving a criticism about the size of my faces and size of heads, I really noticed it on the old art I did of this character. So I decided to do another piece of the character to make amends.

Kalwa Chapter 22 Page 23!

Chapter 22 has been a real game changer for the overall story, throughout this chapter we’ve learned why A-Tech has created these time traveling phones and that there is a personal war between A-Tech and this new group of individuals. But the changers keep piling as Kalwa is now gaining a new traveling companion, her own brother whom she just recently got back from the hospital. Check it all out right now by clicking the thumbnail down below.