Amber Update

I’m sorry everyone for the long wait, I’ve been working on some other projects such as getting the Kalwa publishing done in addition to the regular comic updates. Anyway, looks like the heist has taken it’s first casualty and how is Amber taking it? Click the thumbnail and read on!

Kohaku Charges

Another drawing of Kohaku from Dr. Stone. I drew her once a while ago, but I’ve since received some criticism about my foreheads and faces, so I wanted another go at here applying hat I’ve learned. I was also watching the movie Explorers when I was working on her and finished her rather fast, but I didn’t want to start anything else that night so, I kinda used the extra time to fine tune her to the best of my abilities.

Light up the Deep

New MLP Equestria Girls art. I really just help myself, every time I watch one of their shorts, I just am overwhelmed with the urge to draw them. This was meant to be done during Mer-May last month, but time just got away from me.


Green Raptor is opening up it’s doors to commissions once again, this is an updated sheet of our prices. Right now we are only doing characters with little to know background, this is just a simple start, we’ll get more complex as I ease more into the job.

If you are interested in a commission please email me at, you may also ask me questions, but please refer to our commission info page before asking.

Kalwa Chapter 22 has started!!

The next chapter of Kalwa has officially started on the official Kalwa website. Already the first four pages are on there now to read FOR FREE today. This one’s a real page turner as this chapter FINALLY reveals whats really going on with these time phones, and what A-Tech is really after. All that to come in the next several weeks. In the meantime you can click the thumbnail below and read the first four pages FOR FREE today!!!

Mermaid Mary Jane

This was a project I did last month. It was Mer-May and I wanted to do more Marvel work for the fan portfolio. I took a lot of notes from John Romita Sr’s artwork for this piece, in fact this entire picture is complete reference to the very panel that she debuted in, with the similar dialogue and even the impact effect. Hope you all enjoy this really cute Marvel Mermaid.

New Spider-Gwen Piece coming soon!

It’s been a long time since I drew Spider-Gwen and I’m looking to expand my fan work portfolio with some more Marvel work. For this piece I decided to try something a bit different. Everytime I draw Gwen I’m always faced with the difficult choice of whether to do her with the mask or without, as I really like drawing both. This time I decided to do something combining the two to look like an epic comic cover. I seriously don’t know if anyone has ever done this before… meet EDGY Spider-Gwen.

Coiled Izzy

So after I drew Izzy from Total Drama several weeks ago, somebody wanted me to draw her coiled by a snake, I actually really got into this piece given that it is totally in her character to enjoy the company of snakes.