Shadow Running

I’m trying to up my illustration skills by drawing things I don’t normally draw, so I’m starting off with a fan drawing of Shadow the Hedgehog, my favorite character from the Sonic Franchise. I’ve always admired the artwork from the Sonic Archie comics, particularly from 2003, also the Sonic characters are an interesting style of cartoon with big heads, curved limbs and large proportions. So since I’ve been on a Sonic run, I thought this would be a great place to start learning.

Starting 2020 with Amber

Happy New Year everyone!!! This is gonna be a really big year for Green Raptor Studio, as we are getting ready to start moving into the PUBLISHING business. But for right now, there is a brand new page of Amber up for your free reading!!!! Click the thumbnail below to read the story!!!

Love Under the Sea Remake

I originally did this piece of Tai Bantly (my original character) with Twilight Sparkle from MLP (as a human) as a mer-folk couple. While I still like the original piece a lot, I felt the anatomy was off, and the poses could’ve been a little more fluidic, so I decided to do a remake of the piece with a few modifications such as a bigger tail for Tia.