Dee Dee

I’ve been watching Ballmasterz 9000 a lot recently ever since they put it on Toonami due to Covid-19 making it hard to dub new anime episodes. I usually intend to turn away, yet I start watching just a little and then I’m hooked. One particular character that captures my attention is Dee Dee who is the bipolar member of cast. She is usually animated with beautiful and cute eyes, but quickly turns to eccentric and rather demonic appearances when thrown into fits of rage (which is very often). She’s really a wonder to watch because her animation is gorgeous half the time and hilarious the other half. So I wound up drawing her during some down time.

Ironically Ballmasterz actually uses a number of techniques I use in my own artwork, like crosshatching shading to indicate shadows, sometimes even to just shade. So actually when I was drawing this I kinda felt at home, and oftentimes I try to go back and make sure my crosshatch doesn’t look too obvious and sloppy, but here I felt it was welcome and helped to be simulate the look and feel of the show.

Amber Page Update!

Sorry it’s been a while everyone. I’ve got a little more time on my hands these days so I’m working to get more pages done faster. Anyway, there is a brand new page of Amber up in which our friend Phillip actually visits the site on the card from earlier, what does he find? Click the thumbnail below and find out.

Sasha in Surfers Paradise

So this is essentially how I spent my Forth of July, I wanted to do yet another drawing representing summer. I always like to draw these because it’s an excuse to draw girls in swimsuits and play with lots of light effects. This year I decided to do Sasha who hasn’t shown up in any color drawings for a while. I finally was able to do a dusk at the beach look after experimenting with the overlays for a number of months.

Fight Back the Dark

New fanart of Will Vandom from W.I.T.C.H., one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. W.I.T.C.H. is a really great graphic novel series to read, one thing I love most about it is the fluidic art style and superb visual story telling method which honestly feels like an actual moving television cartoon. I feel actually a lot of my reading of the series helped me get a feel for drawing Will and shaping her body and skinny limps. Anyway, hope everyone finds this art as fun to look at as I found it to make.

Swishy Concept Art

So yes, don’t get creeped out. So this is the concept art of Swishy, Amber’s fish assistant and best pal in the sea. Swishy was initially created for the comic when the idea of Amber having an entire army of fish at her disposal came to be, she needed somebody she could rally commands to and talk personally. Swishy is a Barrel Eyed Fish, which I chose as it was the most obscure fish I could find. In reality Barrel Eyed Fish actually have small tiny eyes that are a great distance away from each other that can be seen on top of their glowing face. This was worked into the initial design, and their were attempts to even give the character eye color, however many of the designs came off as looking rather creepy as you’ll probably see below. I finally decided to just give the character black pupils as opposed to trying to color his eyes. He actually kinda looks like the little dolphin from the anime version of the little mermaid.

Amber Update

I’m sorry everyone for the long wait, I’ve been working on some other projects such as getting the Kalwa publishing done in addition to the regular comic updates. Anyway, looks like the heist has taken it’s first casualty and how is Amber taking it? Click the thumbnail and read on!

Kohaku Charges

Another drawing of Kohaku from Dr. Stone. I drew her once a while ago, but I’ve since received some criticism about my foreheads and faces, so I wanted another go at here applying hat I’ve learned. I was also watching the movie Explorers when I was working on her and finished her rather fast, but I didn’t want to start anything else that night so, I kinda used the extra time to fine tune her to the best of my abilities.

Light up the Deep

New MLP Equestria Girls art. I really just help myself, every time I watch one of their shorts, I just am overwhelmed with the urge to draw them. This was meant to be done during Mer-May last month, but time just got away from me.