Love Under the Sea Remake

I originally did this piece of Tai Bantly (my original character) with Twilight Sparkle from MLP (as a human) as a mer-folk couple. While I still like the original piece a lot, I felt the anatomy was off, and the poses could’ve been a little more fluidic, so I decided to do a remake of the piece with a few modifications such as a bigger tail for Tia.

Sketchbook Dump

Early Reptileena sketches back when the character was first being developed. She didn’t have her red arm guards back then, those weren’t added till her first color illustration as I felt her upper half was too dull compared to the lower half.

Kalwa Chapter 20 Update

Chapter 20 has now been updated and has now reached page 26, normally this would be the end of the chapter, but this time, there is an epilogue just around the corner. So there will be an additional four pages, but in the meantime, you can catch up and see what’s going on so far.

The Phantom of the Opera

A new piece celebrating this fine time of the year. Note that this version the Phantom is actually based on the NOVEL, therefore it should not be compared to the stage play. This was actually a little side project of mine to interpret the original Phantom description as a bit more realistic and frighting!!