Kalwa Chapter 20

Sorry for the really late update everyone. Kalwa Chapter 20 has now officially begun, and is now on to page 4. Click the Thumbnail and see what’s going on with our favorite time traveler!!!

NEW Amber Page is up!

I’m sorry to all the fans of Amber, I’ve gotten a bit of the standard update schedule due to work on Kalwa, trying to get things read for publishing and other aspects of life. But a new page is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Click the thumbnail to check it out.

Kalwa chapter 19 update!!!

New pages are uploaded to Kalwa chapter 19 as our favorite time traveling heroine faces true terror as she’s hunted by a sociopathic killer through a maze of obstacles. This adventure has turned into something she is completely unprepared for, check out the terror by clicking the thumb below!!!