Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief

10 thoughts on “Amber World’s Greatest Mer-Thief

  1. Ooooh! So she’s a former human, interesting.

    Based on what is visible; or she’s a former human spy, enginer on computer systems, or just a former paraplegic hacker girl.


      1. Ooooh! Now you have and idea for analyzing bro.

        By the way, now waith to new page! Cheer up!

        PD: i sub you fb page, i send comments on the fb page now.


    1. Naw, it’s just a little piece I did for fun. It’s meant to be a parody of the ending for the little mermaid when she walks out of the water with the sea foam dress


      1. I see,so it’s not her lucky day hehe

        Tho,i don’t think she mind being wheelchair bound,maybe she even despise legs considering how much she hates humans lol


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